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    Ms. Wicks' 

    7th Grade ELA/GATE Class


    mwicks@kyrene.org | 480-541-5924
     Quarter II Information:
    Flex students: Be sure you have stopped by the school to pick up The Outsiders, by SE Hinton, for our literature study. We will begin this book at the end of the first week of quarter two. For Zoom classes, be on time and prepared. Since FLEX is an optional choice, the new policy is that videos remain ON during instruction time. If you have issues with your computer, contact the school to arrange for a new Chrome Book. 
    Materials will not be shared, so come prepared!
    For ELA: Need a one inch, three-rinded binder (no zip ups), college ruled composition book, pencils, hand-held pencil sharpener, post-it notes, reusable water bottle, ear-phones with AUX cable (we will not have head-sets) that can be used for a Chrome Book. Most importantly, face-masks. NO bandanas or neck gators. 
    Please be sure you review the team 7A classroom requirements for each subject. 
    You DO NOT need to bring your textbook to school on the first day back. Instructions will be given during in-person learning. 
    For homework, students are given information and time to complete and submit through Google Classroom.  Parents can find the homework assignments on this site under the "homework" tab. 
    Thank you for your time and patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at mwicks@kyrene.org
    Your Partner in Education, 
    Melissa M. Wicks, M.Ed.