Next up?  The speech tournament on May  3rd and onto Fools...stay tuned for details!


    Leon Tolchinksy:  Tre Rivera

    Snetsky:  Ray Reed

    Doctor Zubritsky:  Jon Hernandez

    Lenya Zubritsky: Elise Lange

    Sophia Zubritsky:  Amanda Pearson 

    Schmuel Zubritsky:  Lucas Rooney

    Mishkin:  Kyle Greenwalt

    Yechna:  Joey Diegnan

    Magistrate:  Michael Parker 

    Count Gregor:  Kyle Ballard


    Trewshka:           Alex Palmer

    Schmutzich:        Mia DeGregorio



    FOOLS CALENDAR for 4/15 – 4/25




    Rehearsals will be from 4:00 – 5:30 on stage



    Please only come to rehearsal if you’re needed.




    Performances are:



    5/16 @ 7:00 pm and 5/17 @ 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm








    Tuesday - 4/15 Pages 3 -12 (All villagers/Leon)




    Thursday- 4/17 Pages 13-24 (Magistrate/Zubritsky Family (no Sophia) and Leon)




    Monday- 4/21 Pages 25- 38 (Leon, Zubritsky Family)




    Tuesday – 4/22 – Review pages 13- 38 (Magistrate is not needed)




    Thursday – 4/24 Pages 40 – 49 (Everyone)







     Monday, March 24

     4-4:45                    Drama Club:  Speech Practice with High School leadership

    4-5                          The Adventures of Johnny Action

    4-5                          Killer Roadtrip

    4-5                          CREW 

    Tuesday, March 25

    4-5                          Johnny Action 

    4-5                          Killer Roadtrip 

    4-5                          The Actor’s Nightmare

    4-5                          CREW 

    Thursday, March 27 

    4-5                          Actor’s Nightmare 

    Monday, March 31 

    4-4:45                    Drama Club/Speech 

    4-5                          Johnny Action 

    4-5                          Killer Roadtrip 

    4-5                          CREW 

    Tuesday, April 1 

    4-5                          Johnny Action 

    4-5                          Killer Roadtrip 

    4-5                          The Actor’s Nightmare 

    4-5                          CREW 

    Thursday, April 3

    4-5                          Actor’s Nightmare Run-Through 

    4-5                          CREW? 

    Monday, April 7 

    4-5                          Drama Club/Speech 

    4-5                          Run –Through of Johnny Action/ Killer Roadtrip 

    4-5                          CREW 

    Tuesday, April 8 

    4-6                          Johnny Action  and Killer Roadtrip  Dress Rehearsal 

    Thursday, April 10           

    4-5                          Actor’s Nightmare Dress Rehearsal 

    Friday, April 11 

    4-5:30                    Final Rehearsals 

    5:30-6                    Dinner Break

    6:00-7:00              Get ready!                          

    7pm                       Show

    Saturday, April 12 

    3pm                       Call Time 

    4pm                       Show

    Monday, April 14
    4-5                        Drama Club - Speech Practice
    4-5:30                    Fools
    Tuesday, April  15
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Thursday, April 17
    4-5:30                     Fools 
    Monday, April  21
    4-5                          Drama Club/Speech Practice
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Tuesday, April 22
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Thursday, April 24
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Monday, April 28
    4-5:30                     Drama Club/Speech Practice
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Tuesday, April 29
    4-5:30                     Extra Speech Practice, if necessary                  
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Thursday, May 1
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Saturday, May 3 
     8am-5pm               Great Hearts Jr. High Speech Tournament
    (for more info, visit  http://www.joyoftournaments.com/az/greatheartsjr/info.asp )
    Monday, May 5
    4-4:45                     LAST DRAMA CLUB OF THE YEAR!  PARTY!!!
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Tuesday, May 6
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Thursday, May 8
    4-5:30                     Fools
    Monday, May  12
    4-6                           Fools
    Tuesday, May 13   
    4-6                           Fools - Dress Rehearsal
    Thursday, May 15
    4-6                           Fools - Dress Rehearsal
    Friday, May 16
    4:30pm                     SHOW
    7:00pm                     SHOW
    Saturday, May 17
    3pm                          SHOW 





    turquois line
    Drama Club
    Drama Club is a place where 6th, 7th, and 8th graders can further their Theatre Arts education while having a great time! Drama Club will consist of theatrical games, concentration workshops, work with TSTDC (DV Speech, Theatre, and Debate), and more!
    ·         What is drama club?  Drama Club is an activity on campus where any student can come and increase their acting skills, make new friends, and learn about theatre.  It is an extension of the regular classroom and since all the students involved have intense interest in theatre, we are able to advance instruction and increase knowledge at a much faster pace.  We sponsor up to three shows/performances per year.  We also participate in a Speech and Debate tournament during the spring months for students who wish to be involved.
    ·         When does Drama Club Meet?  Mondays from 4-4:45pm.
    ·         Who can join Drama Club?  Any sixth, seventh, or eighth grader with an interest in theatre is welcome to join us for Drama Club.  We welcome all students.
    ·         Where does Drama Club Meet?  We meet on the stage.  Students should enter through the gym lobby.
    ·         What does it cost to be in drama club?  Drama Club members are asked to make a $50 tax credit donation for the entire year.  This works out to be less than $2 per week!  This fee covers instruction, supplies, and guest speakers, helps pay for the rights to sponsor plays and shows, and other fun events.  It also covers tournament fees for Speech and Debate in the spring.

    ·         Why should my child join drama club?  The better question is, why not?  It’s a low-key extracurricular activity, that does not take a lot of time commitment and costs very little to be a part of this community.  Our club promotes school spirit, strong academics, strong character, and most of all instruction on improvisation and being comfortable on stage.  Who couldn’t benefit from all of this???

    Drama Club will meet weekly.  We hope to sponsor several shows this year.  An improv show, a lip-sync contest, and a One-Act Play, etc.  All shows are cast by audition and dates will be announced soon!  You do not have to be in a show to be in drama club.  You do not have to be in drama club to be in a show.  However, it is recommended you do both.

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