•  Membership in the National Junior Honor Society is by invitation only.  It is a selection process, not an application process that conforms to national guidelines.  Invitations will be sent out after Thanksgiving.  

    • Presently, only 7th grade students with a combined 3.8 GPA are eligible for invitation.
    • The academic standard is based on grades received solely in the standard curriculum, not on a modified standard curriculum, or a remedial curriculum.
    • Invitation is based on scholarship as well as individual skills in leadership, service, character, and citizenship. 
    • Eligible students’ names are presented to the Faculty Council which reviews Student Records, Letters of Recommendation, Behavioral Reports, and Participation in School related Clubs and Activities.
    • Candidates receiving a majority vote of the Faculty Council, and those who accept their invitation to NJHS, will be inducted into the Akimel A-al NJHS Chapter at the induction ceremony.
    • Be mindful that invitation for membership is not a right, rather it is an honor.  A qualifying GPA does not guarantee selection or invitation into NJHS!
    • All decisions of the Faculty Council are confidential and final. 

    Membership in the National Junior Honor Society does not in any way guarantee membership in the National Honor Society at the high school level.  If an NJHS member relocates to another school district, the membership is transferable with proper documentation. 

    Please note that if a member’s grades fall below the standard at the end of the next grading period, the member will be placed on probation until the end of following grading period.  If that student fails to meet the academic requirement at the time, the member will be removed from NJHS.

    Members of the Akimel A-al NJHS lead by example and are expected to maintain the standards by which they were selected.  Members will attend meetings and participate in chapter and individual service projects throughout the year.

Last Modified on June 23, 2017