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    LEAD ACTION TEAM - 2nd Quarter TEAM Project is to volunteer at the Ahwatukee Festival of Lights Kick-Off.  The date is November 30th, from 12-8pm, 2 hour shifts are available.  The organizer would love to have NJHS volunteers help with the games, but look through the sign-up and see if another area works for you.  Members of this team are expected to sign-up.  After you sign up, please email Mrs. Johnson to let her know when/what you volunteered for.   If you cannot because of another commitment, please email Mrs. Johnson and let her know.  https://www.folaz.org/volunteer/

    EXCELLENCE ACTION TEAM MEETING -  Campus Clean Up was a success - the teachers are thankful.  Shout out to Julia C., Lani K., Gryffyn G., Kourtney C., Emma M., Desiree, Christina L., Christina M., Elle, Connor B., Ella O., and Hannah G. for your hard work!


    ACCOUNTABILITY ACTION TEAM MEETING -  Great job on the Crayola Color Cycle and Bulletin Boards!  Next Meeting TBD.

    DETERMINATION ACTION TEAM MEETING - Thursday, at 3:10pm - 4:10pm in room 313 to finish up our work for the KID to KID food drive.  

    Community Service Requirement - each NJHS member is required to complete 10 hours of community service for first semester, and 10 hours second semester (hours from summer 2019 can be logged for the fall semester only.  In order to access the link to log your hours, you must be signed in to your Kyrene Google Account.  

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