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    In Chandler, most Middle Schools and High Schools have a Chandler Police Officer assigned to their campuses. Funding for School Resource Officers (SRO) are provided by sources such as the City of Chandler, Chandler School District, or the Arizona School Safety Grant. Pueblo was awarded the School Safety Grant to fund their School Resource Officer Program for three years beginning the 2011-2012 school years. The intent of the program is to place SRO’s on school grounds to contribute to safe school environments that are conducive to teaching and learning. Officers maintain a visible presence on campus; deter delinquent and violent behaviors; serve as an available resource to the school community; and provide students and staff with Law-Related Education (LRE) instruction and training.


    Chandler Police Officer Stephen Dieu is currently in his fifth school year as the School Resource Officer at Pueblo Middle School. During this time, he has logged over one thousands classroom hours of Law Related Education to student, faculty, and community groups. He was a guest instructor for the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Officers specializing in internet training. Stephen is in his third year as a member of the training staff for the Arizona Department of Educationand assists in facilitating training for recipients of the Arizona School Safety Grant. He is also on the faculty of the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education. Officer Dieu coaches boys and girls basketball at Pueblo and will be starting his seventh season as boys varsity coach this year. He also participates in outreach and character building at Pueblo such as Mini-Town and Courage Retreats.


    For the past couple of years, Officer Dieu has hosted the Chandler Police Department Youth Academy held during breaks and summer recess. Officer Dieu worked as a Patrol Officer for about 4 years before applying to becoming a SRO. Prior to his Law Enforcement career, he was a Vice President for a local General Contracting company for six years. He enjoys sports, working out, time with family, and making a positive difference in the community as a School Resource Officer.

Last Modified on September 17, 2012