• Welcome to the Akimel A-al Choir Program!!!
    Akimel A-al Advanced Choir
     turquois line
    The Akimel A-al Choir Program is dedicated to educate students in the art, health, and joy of singing.  This is an opportunity where students in a group setting are able to sing a variety of genres in rehearsal environments and concert settings.  All the choirs are directed and taught by Mr. Albert Lee whom will be in his sixth year of directing the Akimel A-al Choirs.

    Why Join Choir?

    • Singers are able to improve and develop their current vocal techniques and skills.  Warm-up exercises will be practiced in class to work on various aspects of singing (breathing, posture, articulations, vowel projection, etc.).  Solo opportunities will be available for each choir for singers to audition for and identify his or her own individual ability.

    7th Grade Advanced


    • Being active in a  “Fine Arts” class is an opportunity for students to put multiple skills and knowledge to apply.  In this case for choir, singers may apply science with vocal anatomy, language arts with understanding a song’s poetic text, social studies with the history behind the song or it’s composer, etc.


    • Research has shown singing in a unified group setting is able to promote well being.  The action of singing in a group releases a hormone to our brain known as oxytocin which alleviates stress and anxiety.  


    • Students have an opportunity to travel out of state to sing in workshops and festivals.Travels include sight-seeing places, shopping time, and group activities.  For the past 5 years, Animal A-al Choirs have traveled to California and Flagstaff.  During these travels, the choirs have performed in various universities, collaborating with other choral directors, and performed in various locations including Chapel of the Red Rock and Disneyland.

    Choir in Disneyland


    • Choir is an opportunity to collaborate with others to sing beautifully together for other people.  Each member becomes vital in providing his/her voice to contribute to a unified choral sound.  As the members of the choir practice their music to become more refined with each rehearsal, so does their friendships, bonds, and memories with each other.


    As a result of the above statement, each choir becomes a family of musical brothers and sisters!!!

    Akimel A-al Advanced Choir