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    Welcome to Mrs. Lamoureux's
    7th Grade Math and Language Arts Classes

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    black paw Resource Language Arts- Period 2- see your child's weekly agenda- 
    Homework will be filled in on a Monday and checked by the teacher for accuracy.
    Expect both spelling and reading comprehension weekly. 
     Resource Language Arts- Period 3
    HW is the same every week.
    Monday-Spelling words are handed out and definitions are completed in class. 
    • Spelling test is on Thursday.
    • Vocabulary test is on Friday. Students need to be able to complete fill in the blank questions using the correct spelling word, so they need to have a clear understanding of the definition.
    Tuesday-Reading comprehension worksheet is assigned- due on Thursday
    Thursday- Spelling test/reading comprehension is due.
    Friday-Vocabulary test
    Please check your child's agenda for any changes to these typical assignments.
    black paw   Resource Math-Period 5
    Students are expected to study their assigned math facts during the week to prepare for a quiz on Friday.
    Math homework is assigned Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.
    Please check your child's agenda on Monday for any changes to these typical assignments.
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