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    Welcome to Mr. Wallin's Class
    8th Grade Social Studies
    gwallin@kyrene.org | 480.541.5943
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    Hello Students and Parents,


    Don't forget to check StudentVUE and ParentVUE for grades. Remember this is new for me and there may be some oversights on grades. You need to be your grade's caretaker. If there is something that needs to be addressed, we can figure it out together. Also, remember to look at the calendar page on this website for what we will be working on this week. This is the last week of the quarter!!!!! Get all late work in by Thursday, Oct. 1st. There is no penalty for late work, however, there are 0's for not handing in assignments. 


    1. In each week’s assignments, students should first read the online textbook. Remember the online textbook does have the capability to read the book so the student can listen. Page numbers that are given for the textbook do not coincide with page numbers in the online book, so look for the unit Chapter and lesson in my weekly instructions. The online textbook is located in educational resources under McGraw Hill 8th Grade Social StudiesThe online textbook is always available:
    1. Go to the Kyrene website
    2. Click on Student
    3. Click on Educational Resources and scroll down to McGraw-Hill 8th grade social studies
    4. Use the at-home sign-in instructions. Click on the Chapter number and the lesson number for materials.

    There’s a lot going on, and I understand there will be confusion. I’m right there with you. Please be patient and understanding if there are some glitches in the system. They will decrease as we continue. I will be sending more information in the following days.