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    Welcome to Mr. Selden's

    6th Grade English Language Arts and World History

    jselden@kyrene.org | 480.541-6102
     VERY IMPORTANT:  Please remember to have a book to read in your backpack at all times!
     yellow paw   Every Friday there is a Book Check worth 2 points.  We will visit the School Media Center every other Friday.
     yellow paw   Read a minimum of 30 minutes each and every night.
     yellow paw   Literary Elements Study Guide can be found here: Literary Terms Definitions.   
    yellow paw    Information on how to write a good Color Code a Paragraph can be found here: Basic Format  Advanced Format
    yellow paw    The sheet listing Transitional Phrases can be viewed here: Transitional Phrases 
    yellow paw    If you need help with editing the papers you write, click Editor's Marks 
    yellow paw    If you wish to view a copy of the "Cursive Sheet" click here: Cursive Chart:
    yellow paw    If you wish to view the Lexile Range for a book you can go to:  http://lexile.com/
     If you wish to have help studying for your tests, go to: www.quizlet.com.  Once you get to that site, click on this Steps To Follow link. I will explain what you need to do when we begin using this site.  
    yellow paw     Supply List Supply List 2018
      Link to practice AZ MERIT test:      http://azmeritportal.org/