• Remember - there are NO "online classes" until 4/13.

    Until that time it is recommended that you do the assignments posted at this district webpage: https://www.kyrene.org/Page/52072
    (copy & paste that into a browser if not working). 

    Those assignments will NOT be turned in & they will NOT be graded, but it is important that you do them as a review if at all possible.  Assignments that WILL be turned in & WILL be graded start in google classroom on 4/13. An email invite was sent to your Kyrene email for the google classroom for math.  If you haven't already, please join.

    Students - please watch this ZOOM guidelines video created by Akimel A-al. It is important that you follow these guidelines as we start to have some Zoom sessions. For math, I will probably have a Zoom session for each period just to touch base with everyone sometime in the next few days. I will notify you of any news (such as a Zoom check-in) 3 ways: a notification here, a post in the google classroom created for your math period, and an email to your parents so keep checking back! Like I said, I am thinking in a few days...

    WATCH THIS: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/fnAOSuKlhkq/?utm_medium=SocialShare&utm_campaign=copy%2Bshare%2Bby%2Bowner&utm_source=player-page-social-share&utm_content=fnAOSuKlhkq&utm_po=16569542&mode=movie
    (copy & paste that into a browser if not working)

    Please continue to email me with questions or concerns at any time!  dcaswell@kyrene.org

    A student in one of my math classes asked: Will we have class at the same time that we would start at school?

    Answer: There will not be a "live" class. The district is creating online lessons that include videos & assignments. My job will be to support you if you have questions along the way as you finish the assignments. Remember - this doesn't start until 4/13.