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    Welcome to Mrs. Monson's

    8th Grade Science Class

    In my Science classroom, we don't do easy.  We make easy happen through hard work, learning, and respect!
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    black paw Current Unit: Physics Forces and Motion/Work and Power/Simple Machines
    black paw  Respect is key to a successful learning environment. Any form of disrespect or interruption to the classroom learning environment will result in the consequence of ISI!

    black paw  No Late Work! If you turn an assignment in and earn a low grade, redo assignment on a new sheet of paper and staple to original to earn back points.

    black paw  Homework:  Study 15-20 minutes every night!  Redo assignments with a low grade on a new sheet of paper and staple to the original to earn back points. To study means... you should be re-writing notes, re-drawing diagrams, re-solving questions on your brain warm ups and assignments, and discussing concepts with a friend, parent, pet, etc.  To study is to be an active participant in your learning! This is a part of the process to be able to learn for keeps.
    black paw Come Prepared!
    black paw  Learn For Keeps!

    black paw   If absent for a test, parent must email Mrs. Monson the day of the test or earlier, in order for student to be eligible to do the extra credit. 

    black paw Any electronics or notes on a student during a test is cheating and will result in a 0% on the test or quiz.  Cheating is not tolerated!

    black paw  Students will be allowed to correct quizzes.  For each corrected answer students will earn half a point back towards their grade. The corrections need to be made on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the original quiz. These corrections need to take place within 24 hours of receiving the graded quiz. (Tests are not eligible for retakes as it is a summative score and represents mastery of content.)