Meet the Administration 

    Principal, Christie Winkelmann

    Assistant Principal, Melissa Taugner
    Brisas' Leadership & Educational Vitality
    Brisas administrators lead our efforts to building a culture of excellence. Their open-door policy and strong belief in collaboration unite our staff, students, and community. In a typical day, you will observe our administrators directing morning traffic, leading a staff meeting, presenting educational research to their peers, interacting with students/teachers, comforting worried parents, and scooping up a student to give him/her a much needed hug. They model excellence in every aspect of their leadership and administrative responsibilities at our school. They are committed to keeping students the heart of our organization. They lead with an unwavering moral commitment to student success, teacher growth and a quality school community. Our vibrant, healthy, learning-centered culture is a result of their leadership as is our shared Core Values that focus on making a difference for all students. Our school’s leaders also work hard to create partnerships and extend our support network. They develop leadership capacity by exercising their support rather than their control. Moreover, they create leadership roles at our school and engage all stakeholders in shared decision-making.   
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Last Modified on August 15, 2023