• About Olivia Parry

    Olivia Parry began her educational career as a Kyrene Kindergarten student at Kyrene del Viejo. Kyrene was a new an emerging school district at this time. Miss Parry remembers as she rode the bus to school, the bus occasionally would stop to allow the sheep to cross old Rural Road. She remained in the Kyrene School District until 8th grade attending four different Kyrene Schools. Her teachers in Kyrene planted the seed of her desire to become an educator. 

    Olivia graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education. The first nine years in the classroom, Miss Parry worked with students identified with special needs. Her specialty was using positive supports to students who struggled behaviorally. This passion led her to school administration. Miss Parry believes in supporting all students. She knows all students are gifted in their own way. She is grateful for the opportunity working with students. The experiece has improved her view of life. 

    When Miss Parry is not at school, she can be found cooking, travling and entertaining. She has six siblings who have given her 30 nieces and nephews. She loves her family and traveling the world. Miss Parry spent 18 months of her life living in Chile. This experience embedded a love for other cultures. She is grateful to work at a school with diversity. It has allowed her continue to learn and grow as she learns from her students and their diverse backgrounds. 

Last Modified on July 23, 2021