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    Welcome to the Centennial Chapter of the

    National Junior Honor Society

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    The purpose of the Centennial Middle School National Junior Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, to develop character, to encourage citizenship and to stimulate a desire to offer service. The Society’s primary focus is to be productive and to benefit people in need of help. The prime objective is toward the good of others. We are part of a national recognition program found in every state in the U.S. as well as schools in more than 70 other countries.

    Students are nominated for membership at the beginning of their 7th or 8th grade year. This nomination is based on an overall grade point average of 3.85 earned during their sixth or seventh grade year. If qualified, notified candidates will submit a Student Activity Information Form about their service history, and a Formal Letter to the Faculty Council in order to be considered for membership. 

    Membership in the NJHS is both an honor and a responsibility. It is an honor to be chosen and recognized for service, citizenship, leadership, and character in addition to academic excellence. If you choose to apply and are selected for membership, you will be required to maintain a 3.85 grade point average each grading period, participate in all meetings, attend group service activities, complete a set number of service hours, and maintain the highest standards in conduct and appearance. You will be looked upon as a student leader by school staff and your peers.
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