Hi Friends!

    I hope you are keeping yourselves safe! 

    Please click on the "Student Links" tab for fun  art stuff to do.  Also, if you click on this link you can visit my virtual classroom and there are alot of fun things to click on there!


    Mrs. Yorio's Virtual Classroom CLICK HERE


    Challenge question:  What artist is famous for his tessellations?  check out the tessellation link on the links page and if you have an answer for me email your response!

    Or, just write me a note or send a picture of what you have been up to!  syorio@kyrene.org

    You can also follow me on instagram @yorioartstudio 

    I am not an instagram pro but I am trying to get better!

    Virtual Hugs,

    Mrs. Yorio

    I miss you



    mrs yorio