Phase 3: 

    1. See Google Classroom and homework calendar for lessons

    2. See office hours in the Google Classroom with the password to Zoom

    ELA Zoom Meeting

    3. Assignments are for grade enhancement 

    4. Office hours will be held: Monday 3-6 pm    Tuesday 8-11 am   Wednesday 1-4 pm and Thursday 8-11 am. Office hours mean that I will be available immediately via email, phone or zoom. 

    Phase 2: Learning from home

    1. See the link for websites that will help you stay on top of your academics ELA Learning at home

    2. Learning at home link is for you to work on if you choose to do so, it is optional.

    3. I am always available via email Monday-Thursday. We are on a 4 day work week. 





    Welcome to Akimel A-al

    Online Learning

    7th Grade 

    Mrs. Mallory

    Room B14   480-541-5934


    • Remember - there are NO "online classes" until 4/13.

      Until that time it is recommended that you do the assignments posted at this district webpage: https://www.kyrene.org/Page/52072
      (copy & paste that into a browser if not working). 

      Those assignments will NOT be turned in & they will NOT be graded, but it is important that you do them as a review if at all possible.  Assignments that WILL be turned in & WILL be graded start in google classroom on 4/13. 

      Students - please watch this ZOOM guidelines video created by Akimel A-al. It is important that you follow these guidelines as we start to have some Zoom sessions. 

      WATCH THIS: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/fnAOSuKlhkq/?utm_medium=SocialShare&utm_campaign=copy%2Bshare%2Bby%2Bowner&utm_source=player-page-social-share&utm_content=fnAOSuKlhkq&utm_po=16569542&mode=movie
      (copy & paste that into a browser if not working)

      Please continue to email me with questions or concerns at any time!  bmallory@kyrene.org

      A student asked: Will we have class at the same time that we would start at school?

      Answer: There will not be a "live" class. The district is creating online lessons that include videos & assignments. My job will be to support you if you have questions along the way as you finish the assignments. Remember - this doesn't start until 4/13.





    "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."  

    -- Benjamin Franklin