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      "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible'!"                                                                                                                                                                                      -- Katherine Hepburn 
    I miss all of you and hope you are doing well! 
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    Phase 3 of Distance Learning Plan (April 13 through May 21)


    Format and Delivery of Lessons - per week

    Core lessons are in ELA, math, science, social studies, and world languages.

    • 4 ELA lessons
    • 4 math lessons (organized by course)
    • 4 science lessons
    • 4 social studies lessons
    • 2 world language lessons (if applicable)


    These lessons will be uploaded into each of your child’s teacher’s Google Classroom where your child will be able view and submit the assignments. Teachers will continue to support student learning during office hours.

    The office hours schedule in Phase 3 will continue to be the same as the office hours schedule we are implementing in Phase 2.

    Continued Office Hours

    Monday: 3-6 PM

    Tuesday: 8-11 AM

    Wednesday: 1-4 PM

    Thursday: 8-11 AM

    Lessons will be released a week at a time and will be posted into Google Classrooms by end of the day on Thursdays, the week prior, for family preview. (Each week’s lessons will be assigned on Monday and due the following Sunday for credit – Example: Lessons 1-4 assigned on Monday, April 13th and due on Sunday, April 19th).


    Expectations for assignments and information for grades

    Assignments in Phase 3 are strongly recommended. Unlike in Phase 2, we will begin to collect assignments, provide feedback, and record progress and grades.



    Phase 2 of the Distance Learning plan will be implemented from March 30 through April 9. Learning resources are recommended but not required, and no work should be submitted.

    Please check in with me if you need guidance and support or if you have questions.

    Teachers will be holding office hours and check-ins starting March 30. The schedule is listed below.


    Middle School Office Hours









     3 - 6 pm  8 - 11 am 1 - 4 pm 8 - 11 am


    Zoom is a tool that we will be using for audio/video conferencing. Click HERE for student directions on how to use Zoom. You may also continue to reach me by email.

    If you do not have access to technology or internet at home and need a paper copy of the instructional materials, please have a parent fill out this FORM. The district will contact him/her with directions for picking up print materials.

    The following chart provides links to instructional materials and guidance about learning at home with grade-level materials. The guidance reflects the maximum time you would be spending on learning activities in a day or week. Times are completely flexible and may be modified or split into multiple sessions. Direcions on how to access the workbook online are at the very bottom of this page. 


    Part 1. Skill-Based Practice (approximately 20 minutes per day)



    March 23 - March 27

    Main Idea (And Supporting Details)

    Analyze Author’s Voice

    Analyze Structure and Format

    Analyze Text Information

    Evaluate the Author

    March 30 - April 3



    Literary Analysis – Tone

    Author’s Credibility


    Drawing Conclusions

    Rhetorical Devices

    April 6 - April 9



    Analyze Persuasive Appeals

    Compare and Contrast

    Connect and Clarify Main Ideas

    Evaluate the Author’s Credibility and Intention



    Part 2. MyPerspectives Activities (approximately 20-30 minutes per day)


    Students may use resources from the following myPerspectives unit.

    Students may complete the vocabulary activities, read the passage, and do any tasks written below for each week. 

    • 6th Grade: Animal Allies (Essential question: How can animals and people help one another?)
    • Answers will be emailed to parents the following Monday.


    Week of March 23, 2020

    Grade Level

    Vocabulary Activity

    Corresponding Reading Passage:

    Associated Performance-Based Tasks


    Academic Vocabulary: Informative/Explanatory Text

    Reading Buddies (Unit 2 Launch Text)

    • Annotate the text as you read: annotate to determine key ideas and details.
    • Performance Task 1: Summarization and Connection Unit Essential Question

    Week of March 30, 2020

    Grade Level

    Vocabulary Activity

    Corresponding Reading Passage:

    Associated Performance-Based Tasks


    Concept Vocabulary

    My Life With the Chimpanzees

    • Complete the close read annotations and questioning prompts on pages 102-110 of the reading.
    • Performance Task 2: Complete the “Analyze the Text” questions and “Analyze Craft and Structure” questions.

    Week of April 6, 2020

    Grade Level

    Vocabulary Activity

    Corresponding Reading Passage:

    Associated Performance-Based Tasks


    Concept Vocabulary

    Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog

    • Complete the close read/annotation prompts in the reading on page 119.
    • Performance Task 3: Complete the questions from pages 122-123.


    Part 3. Independent Reading (20 minutes per day)

    Read at least 20 minutes per day. Many local libraries offer digital e-book rentals through the OverDrive app with a city library card. 


    Free resources (until the end of the school year):

    Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night: