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This form is for individuals who have child(ren) currently enrolled at Kyrene School District and have unsubscribed, or chose to opt-out, from Kyrene School District email communications, and would like to re-subscribe to email communications.

To re-subscribe and begin receiving important school and district emails again, please complete the form below and click done. Please allow up to two (2) business days for processing.

(To opt-in to Kyrene School District SMS service, use your mobile phone to text “Y” to 67587.)

Kyrene Akimel A-al 
Kyrene Altadeña 
Kyrene Aprende 
Kyrene de las Brisas 
Kyrene Centennial 
Kyrene de los Cerritos 
Kyrene del Cielo 
Kyrene de la Colina 
Kyrene de la Esperanza 
Kyrene de la Estrella 
Kyrene de los Lagos 
Kyrene de las Lomas 
Kyrene de las Manitas 
Kyrene de la Mariposa 
Kyrene Middle School 
Kyrene del Milenio 
Kyrene de la Mirada 
Kyrene Monte Vista 
Kyrene de los Niños 
Kyrene del Norte 
Kyrene de la Paloma 
Kyrene del Pueblo 
Kyrene de la Sierra 
Kyrene Traditional Academy 
Kyrene C.I. Waggoner 
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