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Superintendent's Message

April 11, 2024

Dear Kyrene Community,

The final two months of the school year are upon us, bringing with them the celebrations and milestones we’ve come to expect across Kyrene. In the coming weeks, schools will be participating in the District Art Show, Gifted Showcase and Poetry Contest, just a few examples of the ways in which we will celebrate the achievements of our students.

A graphic with photos of all 24 Kyrene assistant principals that says "Assistant Principals' Week"

Celebrating Kyrene Assistant Principals

We are so lucky to have such amazing Assistant Principals here in Kyrene! These school leaders work tirelessly to support their principals and teachers and motivate students to create a positive learning environment.

Please join us in thanking our Assistant Principals for their hard work and commitment to our students and school communities!

Kyrene del Pueblo Student Heads to National Bee

Over Spring Break, Izzy Garcia, a 7th grade student from Kyrene del Pueblo, took on spellers from across Arizona at the State Bee. Izzy earned 2nd place, outspelling 26 competitors. We cannot wait to cheer Izzy on as she heads to the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee this May.

A female student holding a large check and being handed a large trophy.

Kyrene Employee Receives Award from the City of Tempe

Every year, the City of Tempe holds an annual recognition to celebrate the people and businesses who make Tempe a better place for those with disabilities. This year, I am so excited to share that Kyrene’s very own Amy Dill was recognized in the Exceptional Educator category. Amy is a part of our Exceptional Student Services team and plays the role of Early Learning Facilitator in the District. Congratulations, Amy, on this well deserved recognition.

Five women standing against a blue background with one woman in the center holding a trophy.

Kyrene Receives $210,000 in Arts Grants

I’m proud to share that teachers in hundreds of Kyrene arts, kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms will receive a portion of $210,000 from the Arizona Department of Education’s Arts Consumable Grant. Grant funds will be allocated to Kyrene’s 61 arts teachers and 149 kindergarten and 1st grade teachers. Teachers will be awarded $1,000 to purchase arts consumables such as paints, brushes, sheet music, extra-curricular arts activities and more.

The grant will expand and support Kyrene’s arts programming, projects, and integration in all schools. Middle school teachers of band, orchestra, choir, mariachi, drama, and visual arts; elementary specialists in music and visual arts; and all kindergarten and 1st grade teachers will collaborate with their campus principals to maximize the impact of these dollars for Kyrene students.

Kyrene Super Students

Since my last message, we’ve had the opportunity to recognize two sets of Super Students, identified by their schools for exemplifying the traits in the Portrait of a Kyrene Kid. Please join me in congratulating these outstanding students!

March Students
Shyann Gipson & Boden Van Vleet
Kyrene de las Manitas

Noelle Lewis & Bryce Hocking
Kyrene de la Mariposa

Charlotte Quezada & Brock Tenkely
Kyrene de la Paloma

Anthony Zilka & Rhian Stanfield
Kyrene Centennial

Rose Schmit & Nora Krafft
Kyrene Monte Vista

A large group of men and women standing in a school multipurpose room. Students are holding certificates.

April Students
Dai’Jon Johnson & Avery Warner
Kyrene Akimel A-al

Lilly Hamilton & Quest Alexander
Kyrene Altadeña

Aria Bosscher & Jack Schoenfeld
Kyrene del Pueblo




A group of men and women standing together. Students are holding certificates.

District Art Show Opens April 22

Just a friendly reminder that Kyrene School District’s Art Show will open virtually on April 22! The art show includes pieces from all Kyrene schools and showcases the incredible skills, lessons and projects our students have tackled this school year. Visit us online at

A graphic with ticket icons that say "Kyrene Resource Fair."

Save the Date: Exceptional Student Services Resource Fair

Kyrene families and community members are invited to attend Kyrene’s Exceptional Student Services Resource Fair next Monday to learn more about resources available for children with disabilities. We will be welcoming over 25 vendors with expertise in a variety of areas to support families. 



Laura Toenjes