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Kyrene Superintendent

photo of Laura Toenjes

Laura Toenjes, M.A.Ed


Laura Toenjes brings more than 25 years of educational experience to her role as Kyrene Superintendent.

She grew up in Gilbert, AZ and went on to graduate from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in communications and aspirations for law school. After graduation she accepted a position in the Gilbert School District and fell in love with teaching and learning. She immediately enrolled in an education program to get her teaching certification and went on to complete a master’s degree in elementary education and a dual master’s degree in administration/supervision and curriculum/instruction.

Ms. Toenjes joined Kyrene in the 2016-17 school year as Assistant Superintendent, overseeing the School Effectiveness department which includes: school supervision, curriculum and assessment, professional development, and federal programs & outreach. She has had the fortunate experience to work in multiple positions in all levels of the education system from classroom teacher, to principal, to district administration, to county and state-level administration, across the state of Arizona. Through these experiences, she has witnessed inequities in funding and resources and is a strong advocate for access and inclusion in public education. As a lifelong learner, she has high standards for herself, educators and students, along with a commitment to do what it takes to ensure their greatest chance for success, as she truly believes in the power of education to change the life of every child and that we each have a personal responsibility to ensure every child has equitable access to a high quality education.

Ms. Toenjes is a Chandler resident and is the proud mother of two boys who have both chosen paths to serve and protect others. Her oldest son Seth is a wildland firefighter, and her youngest son Ethan is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. 

You can contact the Superintendent's office at 480-541-1100.