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Equity in Education

Working Together for Access, Inclusivity and Excellence

Kyrene’s diversity is a quality to be valued, respected, and celebrated. The Board supports excellence for each student and staff member and promotes fair and equitable practices for all students and staff, in which everyone receives learning experiences and supports that expand opportunities for growth and achievement. The educational and workplace policy establishes that each student, family, employee, and stakeholder should have a sense of belonging within our district, without bias or discrimination.

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Key Concepts

Inclusive Culture

Kyrene seeks to foster a culture of trust, respect and high expectations. The District engages families, students, staff and community members to ensure transparency and strengthen relationships that support a shared responsibility for student success. Specifically, this work includes the creation and implementation of short- and long-term training and development focused on leveraging diversity and building the capacity of cultural competency, equity and inclusion for all stakeholder groups.

Inclusion means students and employees feel welcomed, seen, safe, respected, cared for and understood.


Equity in education means school outcomes (both positive and negative) are distributed equitably across different demographic and identity groups, while negative outcomes are reduced for all groups. Resources are distributed equitably across all groups, schools and communities. An example of this equitable distribution in action can be seen in Kyrene's RISE UP Schools, schools identified to receive additional support and resources in order to close achievement gaps and transform the lives of students.

Inequity prevents students from accessing opportunities over their lifetime. It creates opportunity gaps, discipline gaps and achievement gaps.



Kyrene School District has a history of excellence and aims to keep the bar high. Kyrene empowers students and employees in the preservation of their identity and culture. Substance, depth and critical thinking are as important as test scores and more important than mere compliance.

Equity Points of Pride (2021-22)

Systemic Approach

In Kyrene, we believe equity and inclusion are the work of all staff, not just one individual. The only way to truly close achievement, opportunity and discipline gaps in our schools is with systemic solutions. We must create a culture of equity throughout the District. We are hopeful that by embedding the lens of equity and inclusion in every one of Kyrene’s functions—teaching, learning, hiring, community engagement—we can begin to close the gaps in achievement, opportunity and discipline, to ensure equity for all.

Defining Equity