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School Capacity

Open Enrollment and School Capacity

We are excited to welcome new families to our schools.

Resident enrollment is attending the local school assigned to a family's home address. Families who enroll their child(ren) in the local school assigned to their residence attend through regular enrollment. Schools must ensure there is enough classroom space for these students.

Open enrollment allows students who live:

• Within a school district to go to a different school outside their home (resident) attendance boundaries.

• Outside the school district to go to a school in the district

Open enrollment allows families to apply for admission to any public school in the state as long as there is classroom space available. Parents choose to open enroll their child in another school or school district for many reasons such as unique program offerings, teaching philosophy, extracurricular activities, or a closer proximity to work. Regardless of the reason, open enrollment is an option for parents if there is space.

How do families verify capacity of a school?

The list below provides information to families about the capacity of each Kyrene school. Please note that due to fluctuations in district and school enrollment, actual capacity on a given day may be different than what is indicated below. This information is updated at least every 12 weeks. 

Please use the links below to check school capacity:

2023-24 School Year

2024-25 School Year