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Read&Write for Google Chrome & OrbitNote

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Read& Write for Google Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome is an integrated tool bar for Google Docs, Slides and Chrome which provides the following tools:

  • Read Aloud with dual color highlighting

  • Talking and Picture Dictionaries

  • Highlighters and Collect Highlights Tool

  • Vocabulary List Builder

Windows Device Directions: Sync Chrome & Pin the Read&Write Extension 

Chromebook Directions: Pin the Read & Write Extension to the Chrome Toolbar 

TextHelp Site 

Read&Write Interactive Toolbar - Learn about each tool

Read&Write YouTube Play List for Staff

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OrbitNote: interact with PDF documents. In Google Classroom, assign PDFs as "Make a copy for each student." Features include: 

  • Text to Speech

  • Type on PDF

  • Freehand Draw on PDF

  • Highlight or add shapes to PDF

PDF Reader is now OrbitNote

OrbitNote Website