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Instructional Technology

The Kyrene School District strives to utilize technology tools and resources to provide our students with meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Technology is rarely the focus of instruction, rather it is a tool that is used to access, gather, and create information; organize and analyze information, and communicate ideas. Knowing that all teachers are also learners, the technology deployed in Kyrene is always accompanied by the necessary professional development to ensure successful use. The District Educational Technology Facilitators work closely with school site Technology Integration Site Leads to support teachers and administrators to meet the needs of all learners.

Kyrene Kid Logo on Light Bulb

"Harnessing the power of technology to promote and inspire students to be lifelong learners and problem-solvers of the future"

District Educational Technology Facilitators provide the following to support the use of technology tools in resources across the District:

Deliver Professional Development: Ed Tech Facilitators, together with school Site Leads, provide training, classes, and support that is targeted to the student, teacher, and school needs.

Mentoring and Lesson/Project Planning: Plan and collaborate with individuals or teams to ensure best practices in educational technology.

Co-Teaching: Ed Tech Facilitators work with classroom teachers to share responsibility for the delivery of a technology-infused lesson/project and reflect on the impact of technology on student learning and engagement.

Technology Tools Planning and Implementation: Review and evaluate current and future District technology tools and resources. Plan and implement training and support for use in the classroom.

Provide Ed Tech Support: Create tutorials, lesson/project resources, and provide additional support through the District website and external resources. Help troubleshoot the use of District software and online resources.

District Educational Technology Team:

Jacinta Sorgel | (480) 541 - 1203 | | 
JoAnne Skoglund | (480) 541 - | 
Nick Poveromo | (480) 541 - 1229 | |
Heather Williamson | (480) 541 - 1228 | |