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Mileage Reimbursement

The State-approved mileage rate is 62.5 cents per mile.

Guidelines for Calculating Mileage for Reimbursement:

  • Use this Mileage Claim Form with Calculator 2023 to submit mileage for reimbursement. This form is for both in-district and out-of-district mileage submissions.  Please use the appropriate tab and follow the instructions included within the spreadsheet.

  • When calculating Out-of-District mileage, be sure to use Google Maps to verify mileage.   

    Include the address of your location if it is not one of the District's schools, and attach a copy of the Google Map showing the shortest distance to submit with your claim.
  • The mileage reimbursement rate has been calculated to cover all automobile expenses such as fuel and oil, towing charges, repairs, replacements, tires, depreciation and insurance.

  • Commuting miles are not reimbursable. The cost of commuting between a personal residence and a regular work site is not reimbursable, regardless of the distance.

  • When choosing to drive to trainings or conferences more than 20 miles from the employee's worksite, every effort should be made to secure a District fleet vehicle and carpool, if appropriate.