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Lodging & Conference Information

General Information

The actual daily room charge you will be reimbursed is limited to the maximum lodging reimbursement rate Lodging Per Diems (updated 01/09/2023) according to the city. The maximum lodging amount to be reimbursed includes room charge, and fees charged at the discretion of the facility (i.e., parking, resort fees), up to the allowable reimbursement limits.  Service charges that are incurred at the discretion of the traveler are not reimbursed. Business calls, fax and copy charges, as well as internet connect charges - if necessary for District business - are reimbursable.
Example:    If Maximum Lodging Reimbursement Rate (Per Diem) is $100 per night + taxes

Example 1                                                                   Example 2

                           $100  Hotel room per night                                           $ 80   Hotel room per night                      

                              10   taxes (not included above)                                     15   parking              

                           $110  reimbursed by District                                          5    resort fees

                                                                                                               $100 total room charge and fees

                           $ 20 parking                                                                       7   taxes on room (not included above)

                              10 resort fees                                                            $107    reimbursed by District

                           $ 30   non-reimbursable (above Per Diem)                                                                     

Additional room features, accommodations and personal expenses charged to the room are not reimbursed.
The lodging establishment must be at least 50 miles from your home and work site to be reimbursable.
Lodging receipts must be itemized and include the name, address and telephone number of the establishment.
Lodging rates are per person. Where feasible, the District strongly encourages shared rooms.  When lodging is shared, reimbursement per person should not exceed the amount allowable per person at the single room rate plus tax. **If sharing accommodations, please ask the hotel to split the bill and charge each employee's credit card separately to submit individually for reimbursement.

Conference Lodging

The only exception to the lodging rate reimbursement maximum is when an employee is staying at a "conference-designated hotel". Proof that the lodging is indeed "conference-designated" must be attached to your Travel Expense Claim Form or you may be responsible for any charges above the per diem rate.
Conference designated lodging includes lodging at the hotel at which the conference is being held or other hotels listed in the conference brochure.  Accommodations at alternate hotels in the immediate vicinity of the conference may be considered as conference-designated lodging when no vacancies exist at the hotels listed in the conference brochure.  However, reimbursement for lodging may not exceed the least expensive single room rate plus tax, regardless of availability, as published in the conference brochure. A copy of the conference brochure must be submitted with the travel claim to support the reimbursement.