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In State/Out of State Travel Info

General Information:  

  • To be eligible for reimbursement of meals and lodging, employees must be at least 50 miles from their work site and personal residence.

  • A request for authorization to travel must be made using the Travel Pre-Approval Form (below), signed by your supervisor and submitted to Business Services no less than 20 days prior to travel. 

  • For Professional Growth and Development travel, a purchase order requisition must be submitted with a completed Travel Pre-Approval Form and conference brochure attached.

  • Upon your return, copies of the following must be submitted for reimbursement:  

    1. copies of all travel-related Purchase Orders

    2. flight itinerary

    3. original detailed receipts (including meals, hotel, shuttle/taxi, etc.)

    4. conference registration

    5. conference brochure

    6. travel pre-approval form

  • Travel should be conducted as economically as circumstances reasonably permit, per the Arizona State Travel Policy, Section 6, Policy 5.  If you are considering driving, every effort should be made to secure a District fleet vehicle.  Please be aware that the most economical travel option will be reimbursed.