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TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus is the electronic time clock system that captures Kyrene employee timesheets. TimeClock Plus (TCP) touch-screen system provides the following benefits to Kyrene employees:

  • An internet portal for support staff to review and approve your own timesheets
  • Ability to request time off from any device with internet, including the time clocks
  • Alerts for missed punches and the ability to make corrections right on the time clock
  • No need to memorize transfer codes—Staff who work multiple sites or positions will simply tap the screen to select the correct site/position login
  • Digital timekeeping now available to staff on performance contracts, eliminating hundreds of weekly paper timesheets and allowing payments to be made sooner

Please see the training videos below for more information. Contact your Payroll representative if you have questions.

The WebClock version of the timeclock is available for employees to check their hours, approve their own time at the end of the week, and request time off--all from the comfort of their computer! 

TCP WebClock Link for Employees

TCP WebClock Essentials Navigation 


Training Videos

Get to Know TimeClock Plus!
TCP Quick Tip: How to Clock In/Out
TCP Quick Tip: Correcting Missed Punches
TCP Quick Tip: How to Change Job Codes
TCP Quick Tip: Transportation Employee Options
TCP Quick Tip: Community Ed Employee Options

Frequently Asked Questions