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State Assessment Information

Frequently Asked Questions about State Assessments

Q: What is the best way to use data from standardized tests?

A: In any year, a single test score does not provide a complete or precise measure of student achievement. We encourage parents to consider their child’s results within the context of the variety of potential learning disruptions they may have encountered. Assessment results are just one of a number of strategies used by Kyrene to help create a stronger and more equitable education system. We owe it to students to use every piece of information we have to help them succeed.

Q: How does Kyrene compare to other districts?

A: Kyrene continues to outperform the state averages. Other district and charter results will be made available by the Arizona Department of Education, typically in the Fall. Kyrene will update the publicly available aggregated results when the Arizona Department of Education releases statewide results. 

Q: What resources are available for families?

A: The Arizona Department of Education has many resources for families to understand their child’s results and reports, and can be found on their website here:

Q: What subjects are tested? What assessments are used?

A: The Arizona's Academic Standards Assessment (AASA) is the general assessment for English Language Arts and Math. Arizona Science Test (AzSCI) is the general assessment for science. The Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) includes English language arts, math, and science.

Q: Who is tested?

A: Arizona students in public and charter schools, grades 3 through 8, participate in state assessments for English language arts and math. Grades 5 and 8 also participate in science assessments.