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Move on When Reading Information for Parents

This webpage provides information on Arizona’s Move on When Reading (MOWR) legislation and the importance it places on your child’s ability to read at or above grade level by the end of 3rd grade. Arizona Revised Statute §15-701 states that if a student scores below the cut score on the reading portion of the 3rd grade AzM2 exam, he/she will not be promoted to the 4th grade until sufficient progress is made to demonstrate that the student is reading proficiently.

There are four exemptions from ARS §15-701. In accordance with the law, a school district governing board or the governing body of a charter school is permitted to promote a student who fails to meet the cut score on the reading portion of the 3rd grade AzM2 exam for any of the four following reasons:

  1. A third grade student is an English Language Learner or Limited English Proficient who has received less than two years of English instruction; or

  2. A third grade student with disabilities has an individualized education plan (IEP), and the IEP-team, which includes the student’s parent/guardian, agrees that promotion is appropriate; or

  3. A third grade student is in the process of a special education referral or evaluation for placement in special education and/or students that have been diagnosed as having a significant reading impairment, including dyslexia. (Dyslexia is defined as, a brain-based learning difference that impairs a person's ability to read and spell that is independent of intelligence and that typically causes a person to read at levels lower than expected.

  4. A third grade student has demonstrated or subsequently demonstrates sufficient reading skills or adequate progress towards sufficient reading skills of the 3rd grade reading standards as evidenced through a collection of reading assessments approved by the State Board.

Additional information about Arizona’s Move on When Reading legislation can be obtained at

Kyrene Elementary School District provides a comprehensive core reading program to all students with a particular emphasis in foundational reading skills in Kindergarten through Third grade. The District core reading program, Core Knowledge Language Arts, includes the key components of effective early literacy skills: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.

As part of our reading program, student performance is regularly monitored in reading achievement through prior and current performance on state, district, and school-based reading program assessments. Based on these assessments, instruction and intervention goals and services are established and provided.


Parents As Partners

As a parent, you play a vital role in student academic success by 1) supporting and monitoring your child’s reading skills at home and 2) ensuring your child is at school on time and attends regularly. If you have questions regarding your child’s progress this year, please contact your child’s teacher. 

Parental Strategies

Estrategias para Padres

MOWR Video (English)

MOWR Vídeo (Español)

Read On Arizona Guide to Literacy for Arizona Families

This guide is for any parent or caregiver of an Arizona student in grades PreK-3. It is to help parents understand what the Arizona law says about reading requirements for 3rd grade students, the importance of early literacy, the role families play in helping support foundational early reading skills and activities to use at home. It also suggests questions and ideas that you can discuss with your school to help your child if he or she is a struggling reader.

Building Blocks To Becoming A Better Reader

Read On ARIZONA Comprehensive Literacy Guide