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MS Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Adoption Review

On November 14, 2023, the Kyrene School Board approved a 60-day review process for MS Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum resources.  As part of the public review process, the curriculum materials for the selected vendors will be available at our middle school campuses throughout the review process.   

Parents and community members may visit a Kyrene middle school to review SEL digital materials in person.  Please bring a photo ID and sign in at the front office to review online materials in person.  School staff will direct you to the location of the digital access.  Digital curriculum materials are available online using the links and login information in the table below.  There are also vendor presentations available to review. 

You may access the Middle School Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Review Document to assist you when reviewing each program. 

To provide feedback on the MS Social Emotional Learning Curriculum resources, complete the MS SEL 60-day Review Survey  

The feedback form asks you to rank your choices.  If you feel there are multiple resources that would be needed to support all aspects of the social emotional learning curriculum, please rank your top 2 choices and make a note in the feedback section that you would like to have multiple resources considered.  

MS Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Vendors

Vendor Name

Character Strong



Sown to Grow


Character Strong Family Access

Suite360 Demo Access

Peekapak Login

Kyrene Community Resources





Password: Kyrene.2023

Video Presentation

Character Strong Presentation

Navigate 360 Presentation

Password: +0Yx4*n0

Peekapak Presentation

Sown to Grow Video Presentation

Sample resources


Sample 7th Grade Lesson