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Students sitting in a circle with their teacher raising their hands.


Academic Equity & Excellence

This website has been created to support information and access for Teaching and Learning Resources. The website will be updated on an ongoing basis to provide access to the most current information in a usable format.  

The goal of this department is to challenge all students with a common, consistent, and comprehensive curriculum that prepares them for the future and fosters life long learning. In alignment with the strategic plan and audit recommendations, the Teaching and Learning   department in partnership with curriculum teams are developing and enhancing Kyrene's written curriculum. To this end we will:

  • Create and maintain curriculum documents to explicitly guide instruction across content areas
  • Foster teacher leadership for support of implementation of teaching and learning
  • Expand opportunities for easy to access high-quality data and assessments
  • Expand access for teaching and learning resources for instructional staff, families, and the community
  • Conduct ongoing program evaluation to monitor effectiveness of programs and inform adjustments to meet student needs
  • Update the curriculum management plan and program of study outlining expectations for written curriculum, taught curriculum and aligned assessments in collaboration with the Departments of Professional Development, Exceptional Student Services, Instructional Technology, and School Effectiveness. 

Thank you for your interest in Kyrene's curriculum and we look forward to supporting you this year.  

Resources for Teachers, Administrators and the Community