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Kyrene Class Sizes

Class Size Ranges

Kyrene School District offers class sizes at each grade level that ensure comprehensive student support and meet the unique needs of each student and school.

This page contains information about class size ranges across grade levels in Kyrene. The ranges represent an average, not a minimum or maximum count. Classes may fall a little below or a little above the range. If class or grade level enrollment is above the range, the school may qualify for additional staffing. This may be an instructional assistant or a teacher, depending on grade-level enrollment, and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Kyrene is transparent about class size versus student-staff ratio. Ratios can be misleading because they may count educational staff who are not consistently in the classroom, where class size indicates the actual student count per classroom.

Class Size Ranges and Staffing

*The grade level ranges are reduced by two students for schools identified as RISE UP.


Planning for the New School Year 

Through careful analysis of enrollment patterns and in close partnership with a demographer, Kyrene is able to predict enrollment with 99% accuracy.

Each spring, Kyrene uses those enrollment projections to plan staffing for the new school year. Class sizes can fluctuate throughout the enrollment season, and Kyrene typically sees a falsely high enrollment count in the spring, as student withdrawals typically continue into the summer. 

When a school qualifies for an additional classroom teacher position, there are a number of factors that will determine if that position is filled, including time of year, availability of teacher candidates, and what's best for students.

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