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District Office Safety & Security Improvements

District Office Complex Sees First Critical Improvements in 30 Years

The Kyrene Governing Board has approved Phase 2 of a multi-year plan to complete overdue work across the District Office Complex after the successful completion of Phase 1. The improvement plan prioritizes safety, security, compliance, and healthy working environments. These improvements are the first since initial construction more than 30 years ago. There is also an opportunity to make aesthetic improvements and modernize work areas, so they are optimized for collaboration, productivity, and inspiration.

Project Scope

Health and safety improvements, combined with overdue maintenance and compliance, make up more than 80% of the project’s scope. Priority items include air handling systems, compliance updates (such as restroom accessibility), and security (such as interior doors to manage building access). Additional priorities include roofing, parking lots, and weatherization. The remaining 20% of the project will include technology improvements and other interior items.


School building security was addressed across Kyrene in 2015-16. Conversations about safety and security improvements at the District Office Complex were paused in 2020 due to the pandemic. Only exterior updates were completed. Exterior work completed at the District office complex, completed in 2019, included signage, paint and landscaping.

Ribbon Cutting of BFEC

Former Kyrene Superintendent Ben Furlong, namesake of Kyrene’s Ben Furlong District Office Complex, cuts the ribbon following exterior building improvements.


The District Office Complex improvements will not have any impact to current or future school projects, and no funds will be pulled from schools. The vast majority (93%) of Kyrene bond funds go directly to support school facilities. The improvements will be funded from multiple non-bond sources, including District Additional Assistance.

Phased Work

Work will be completed in phases and will take an estimated three years to complete. Phase 1 work, which included portions of the administration building, which is the primary public access point for the District Office Complex, was completed in Winter of 2023 followed by the beginning of work for Phase 2. Phase 2 will include the remaining areas of the administration building, some external buildings and the Ben Furlong parking lot. The Transportation building and other facilities will be addressed in future phases.


The workplace should be physically safe but should also promote emotional wellbeing & psychological safety. The workplace sho


Board Discussions

August 23, 2022

January 25,2023

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