• Grading: CMS employs the 80/20 Rule
    80% of the overall grade is assessments
    • includes (but not limited to) tests, quizzes, pop quizzes and projects
    • Note: Missing a test or quiz will have a dramtic effect on your student's grade. Takng an assessment, a make-up test or retake is the BEST way to increase your student's overall grade.
    20% of the overall grade is practice assignemnts/homework/participation
    • includes (but not limited to) worksheets, readings, short writing assignments, inteviews, daily logs, agenda checks, class preparedness, discussion participation, etc.

    Late Policy

    The CMS Late Policy states that any assignments turned in the day after the due date, can only receive up to 50% of the original total points possible. Any assignment after one day late is for zero credit. Accommodations can be made due to illness, family emergencies, etc.

    Posting of Student Grades
    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal on a regular basis. Please review the Parent Portal to minimize end of the quarter surprises. Also, use the calendar view on a regular basis to find and download assignments, check for up coming assignments and important due dates.


    Test Retake Policy

    Click here- to view the test retake policy.