• School Bus Rules
    The safety of the students to and from school is of primary importance to the Kyrene School District.  Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.  Students must adhere to the rules of conduct.  Students who behave in appropriately shall be disciplined and may lose their bus privileges. 
    1. Respect your Driver and other students by keeping your hands to yourself.
    2. Stay in your assigned seats facing the front with your feet on the floor and out of the aisle.
    3. No eating or gum chewing.  Drinking water from a plastic water bottle is permissible.
    4. If seatbelts are available, they must be worn.
    5. Do not display any verbal behavior that disrupts the ride (shouting, singing, etc.).  Talk in a quiet voice. 
    6. No skateboards, roller skates or in-line skates allowed on buses.
    7. You may quietly use electronics as long as you do not disturb others.
    8. The bus is an extension of your school.  All other school rules apply while riding on the school bus. 

    Please review the above rules with your child so that he/she is familiar with them.  It may be helpful for them to memorize the following, as this is an easy, abbreviated means to keep appropriate bus behavior in mind:

                                        B - Be Respectful
                                        U - Use a Quiet Voice
                                        S - Stay Seated                              
    Kyrene takes pride in our safety initiatives. We are pleased to announce that 87% of our bus fleet has been equipped with 3-point shoulder seat belts. Please take a moment to review the following video with your child regarding seat belt usage during the bus ride.
  • Video Surveillance equipment has been installed on Kyrene buses and is used as a tool to assist drivers and administration in identifying and isolating possible disciplinary and/or safety problems that may need attention.