• Kyrene “Goes Green”

    Kyrene Energy Smart Energy Conservation

    Kyrene Energy Smart Energy Conservation was sponsored by Student Superintendent Advisory Council.


    The Kyrene Energy Smart Program was developed to build awareness and to educate on the importance of energy conservation and to engage students, staff, and the community in the habit of conserving energy. Currently, 90% of the District’s Maintenance and Operations budget is spent on salaries and benefits, and approximately 5-6% is spent on utilities. By lowering the utility costs, we will be able to direct more funding towards salaries and benefits. As educators and public employees, it is imperative that we serve as good stewards of the public resources and to educate our children on the importance of conservation. Further, by reducing the demand on systems, we are able to prolong the long-term life of the equipment, thus reducing the financial need. This program will be supported by the Blueprint for Kyrene Goal III, Objective C.

    Program Design

    The program is designed to have students be the champions. The Superintendent’s Student Council will sponsor the program. Each site’s student council will be encouraged to serve as the ambassadors to the program. Education and tips will be shared on an ongoing basis with all staff and each school’s student council. Reduction of energy consumption will be measured on a quarterly basis. This information will be reported through various means of communication. The school with the highest percentage of energy reduction will be recognized. The following are some components of the program design:
    • Have student “champions” as active reminder in classrooms
    • Drop notes with findings at the front office in an “Energy Box”
    • Educate regarding the “cost” of using utilities (correlation of usage vs. cost)
    • Involve vendors and after-school program (i.e., ABM, Sodexo, Kids Club, Parks and Rec., Cities of Phoenix, Tempe)
    • Educate regarding environmental benefit of energy savings

    Success Measurements

    What: SPATIA reports
    How: reduce their electrical consumption by the highest percentage
    When: quarterly

    Reward Structure

    • SRP education programs
    • Search for community partners willing to help with the recognition
Last Modified on July 22, 2021