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    Welcome to Mrs. Mauntel's Math Classes 

    bmauntel@kyrene.org | 480.541.6542| Classroom D-2
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    Instructions for Carnegie Logon:
    Students can access MATHia and the Carnegie texbook online by following these easy steps:
    1.  Logon on the your Kyrene account (Initial login:     Username:  your userid  Password:  Student1 (you will be
         prompted to change your password).
    2.  Students ==> Educational Resources ==> Click on Carnegie Learning
    3.  You will be required to type in your Kyrene username  and password.  Your username is: 
         KSD\Student number
         Your password is your normal logon password.
    4.  Click on Clever Logon and then on Carnegie Learning to access your textook and MATHia