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    About The Teacher
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    My name is Terri Terry (yes, it really is!) and I will be your child’s third grade teacher at Kyrene de la Esperanza! I am very excited about the upcoming year and I know it will be a successful one.

    Your child’s success is my first priority. My job as an educator is to create a comfortable and productive environment where your child is safe and a place where they feel they can take risks.

    One of my main goals of this year is to instill self-responsibility and organization. I believe if a student can learn to be organized it will set them up for success.

    All About Me (That I’m willing to put on the web!)

    o   I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from California State University, Fullerton and completed my graduate Teacher Certification program at Concordia University, Irvine. Then, I completed my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University and continued graduate studies in Education Administration through Chapman University.

    o   I am married to Patrick, the man of my dreams, and have two children:  Alison, my daughter and Devon, my son.  They are all very tall!  (I am not very tall so I wear high heels to fit in!) 

    o   I have lived in New York, Florida, Connecticut, California, and Arizona.

    o   I was raised with 3 sisters.  We all have red hair and first names that start with “T”!

    o   My grandmother had an identical twin sister, my father had a twin sister, and I have an identical twin sister!

    o   I decided to become a teacher after observing my own children’s wonder and love of learning.
    Some of My Favorites…

    o   Favorite Color—blue (tried out purple as my favorite color for awhile, but it’s blue)

    o   Favorite Hobbies—house remodeling, making cupcakes, collecting shells

    o   Favorite Food­—anything with carbohydrates (sigh)

    o   Favorite Sport—reading (hard to play sports in high heels!)

    o   Favorite Movie—Hello Dolly!  (In Barbara’s version, she was a gorgeous redhead!)

    o   Favorite Animals—giraffes & Golden Retrievers

    o   Favorite Books—My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen, science fiction/fantasy

    o   Favorite Subjects— Math & Science

    o   Favorite Holiday—St. Patrick’s Day