• Practices and Procedures
    1. On a regular basis, the Kyrene School District Facilities Department performs random testing of air quality, including a test for mold spores.
     How is this done?
    1. Kyrene owns several pieces of air quality testing equipment.
    2. We contract for equipment calibration quarterly and test results as needed.
    1. On an on-going basis, Facilities Technicians inspect all schools and district facilities for signs of mold.
    What happens when signs of mold are found?
    1. If signs of mold are found, remediation is accomplished by trained professionals.
    2. Remediation means the removal of contaminant for the general protection of human health.
    3. During the remediation process the affected area has a containment built around them which is kept under negative pressure, so that no other areas of the building or its occupants are exposed to mold spores.
    4. During the demolition of the affected area all debris is placed in sealed bags and taken to an approved dump site. Debris is never disposed of on our property.
    5. After demolition of affected areas, Health Effects Group does air quality tests for mold spores inside the containment areas to insure all mold has been removed.
    6. Once Health Effects Group receives the lab analysis showing negative results for airborne mold spores the containments are taken down so final work can begin.
    1. The School District “anticipates” when certain capital improvement projects related to air quality are needed and schedules them strategically to keep all our facilities in the best possible condition.

      1. Projects are designed with the highest quality of products and equipment to keep facilities safe and learning environments productive.
      2. Hospital-quality roofing systems are installed to minimize exposure to water.
      3. The Facilities Department maintains an aggressive replacement schedule that allow for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to be replaced before failure occurs.
Last Modified on June 20, 2019