• Pest Control


    Integrated Pest Management

    The EPA is currently encouraging schools to adopt an Integrated Pest Management program in order to reduce exposure to pesticides. IPM is an approach to pest management that relies on common sense practices. Conventional pest control techniques have relied on the use of chemical pesticides. Integrated Pest Management programs minimize the application of pesticides by focusing on long-term mechanical and preventive measures to control pests, reducing the use of pesticides while maintaining a safe environment.


    The Kyrene School District goals for pest management are:

    • To manage pest populations so they do not provide a threat to human health or cause loss/damage to school structures or property.
    • To minimize the exposure of school occupants to pesticides.
    • To establish patterns of communication that will ensure effective pest management.
    • To accomplish the above goals in the most cost effective methods possible.
Last Modified on May 19, 2021