• Gifted Testing Information

    Gifted students are defined as those who score at or above the 97th percentile on any test for gifted identification approved by the Arizona State Board of Education. Children may qualify in one or more of three areas—verbal reasoning, quantitative (math) reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning.

    Non-identified students may only test once during each school year and up to three times total in grades K through 8. Referrals for gifted testing for children from kindergarten through eighth grade come from teachers, parents, and students. Students that have been previously identified as gifted will not be retested.

    Students who have been tested independently, in other districts, or in other states may automatically qualify for gifted services in Kyrene. A list of Arizona approved gifted tests are listed HERE. To submit results for review, please submit gifted identification paperwork to the school office.

    Kyrene makes group testing available for students at their school site three times per year. The test will be proctored at your child's school during the school day.

     2023-2024 Testing Windows


    Testing Dates




    Due by

    Notification of

    Testing Date(s)

    Results Available

    Testing Window 1

    July 31-August 11

    April 17

    July 14

    July 27

    August 25

    Testing Window 2

    November 6-17

    August 18

    October 20

    November 3

    December 5

    Testing Window 3

    February 12-23

    December 4

    January 18

    February 8

    March 29


    The gifted application is closed at this time and will reopen this spring for the 2024-25 school year. Thank you for your interest in Kyrene's gifted program services. 

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  • What are verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning, and how are they measured on the CogAT?

  • How can I prepare my child for this test?

  • What is the testing environment like?

  • How long does the testing take?

  • What if my child is absent on the day(s) of testing?

  • How is the test scored?

  • When is the next testing period?

  • How do I request testing for my child?

  • How will I be notified about my child’s scores?

  • What do I tell my child about the test scores?

  • Can you test too much?

Last Modified on January 31, 2024