• IT Surplus Device Sales

    From time-to-time the Kyrene IT Department will sell surplus IT equipment to students, staff, and the community. This is generally end-of-life equipment that has been refurbished and made available to the public at a significant discount. Please see below for current device sales. 

    NOW AVAILABLE - Lenovo 11e Laptop (converted to Chromebook) - $40  

    Kyrene has approximately 2,000 end-of-life Lenovo 11e laptops. These devices originally shipped with Windows software installed, however, these have been converted to Chromebooks using the home version of the CloudReady operating system. Essentially these are now fully functioning Chromebooks ready to connect to the Internet. All an end-user will need is Internet access and an active Google account to use the device. Students may use a personal or Kyrene Google account (or both) on the device.

    These devices are available to current Kyrene students only (one device per currently enrolled student). If there are any devices available after all students have been given a chance to purchase they will be made available to employees and the general public.

    All equipment is non-refundable and sold in as-is condition. Participants will be given a choice of devices to select from during their appointment time. In the rare event an individual purchases a device that stops working within 7 days, we will allow one swap for a new device.

    Kyrene DOES NOT provide technical support of any kind once purchased.  You may visit the CloudReady website to review support options. 

    All payments will be required to be made online through our InTouch POS system. A link will be provided to you prior to your scheduled pick-up time.

    We anticipate there will be more interest than available devices. If this occurs a random digital lottery system will be used to assign spots. You will only be contacted if you have been selected and a device is available for your currently enrolled student(s). Not all families will be selected to purchase a device.

    Step 1

    Fill out the Kyrene Technology Surplus Interest Form to indicate you would like to purchase a device.
    The interest form will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 28th, 2021.
    No submissions after this time will be accepted.
    All submissions will be verified to confirm the student is currently enrolled.
    Any student not currently enrolled will be excluded.

    Step 2
    If your name is chosen in the random lottery you will receive an email with instructions for making payment online.
    You will only receive an email if your name is drawn.
    You must make your payment prior to the payment deadline date that will be listed in your confirmation email.
    If payment is not made by the deadline your spot will be forfeited and assigned to the next person in line - no exceptions.

    Step 3
    Once your payment has been made online you will be emailed a link to schedule your pickup time.
    You may only pick up a device at your scheduled pickup time. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
    If you miss your pickup time Kyrene will make one attempt to reschedule within 3 days.
    After 3 days your spot will be forfeited and assigned to the next person in line and we will refund the amount paid.




Last Modified on September 12, 2022