• Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund III (ESSER III)

    Kyrene School District Implementation

    Elementary and Secondary School Relief (ESSER) Funds are funding received through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act to provide school districts with resources to support local recovery needs and efforts in response to COVID-19. ESSER funds are allocated to districts based on the proportionate share of Title I funds they received in the 2020-21 school year. Kyrene School District has been allocated $9,457,929 in ESSER III funds.

    ESSER III differs from ESSER I and ESSER II in that it has new requirements for districts to engage the community in the development of the plan, share the plan on our website, and guarantee 20% of the funds are set aside to address unfinished learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among vulnerable populations of students.

    Kyrene has committed to far exceeding the 20% minimum. At this time, Kyrene has allocated an estimated $6M (approximately 60%) of the District’s ESSER III funds to address unfinished learning. This balance could evolve as additional funding sources to support this work become available, but Kyrene will continue to exceed the required 20%.

  • Kyrene Expanded Learning Program (KELP):

    Summer program to address unfinished learning

    Students identified through a variety of metrics including assessment data and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

    Priority placement for students experiencing homelessness, youth in foster care, English learners, students with disabilities and Native American students

    Programming to address academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs


    Staffing to Support Mitigation

    Learning Line support for students who are learning through the Instructional Time Models

    Contact Tracer positions


    Facility Improvements

    Building modifications that could address air flow

    Additional air filtration systems (HEPA filters)

  • Out of School Programming

    School based proposals

    Dollars allocated to school sites based on student need

    Specific to school context

    Identified area of student support

    Examples include- before or after school program focused on math instruction for specific identified students

    Expenses include pay for teachers and staff, transportation costs and purchase of evidence-based materials


    Professional Development

    Professional development for teachers focused on addressing student learning needs

    Topics to include co-teaching, dyslexia, science of reading, student agency programs, gifted endorsement, intervention



    Funds will be used to maintain/add positions at school sites to ensure continuity of services for students

  • Early Literacy Skills Support

    Programming to address significant gaps in early literacy

    Instructional assistant (25 hours per week)

    Provided to schools with data indicating significant gaps in learning

    Direct and explicit phonics instruction

    Ensure students are fluent readers with strong comprehension by the end of 3rd grade


    Additional Support for Unfinished Learning

    Development and compilation of resources to support teachers in addressing unfinished learning

    Specific focus on mathematics and early literacy skills


    Compensation for Additional Time

    Stipends for certified classroom teachers or other employees to compensate for time spent working outside of contracted hours to address specific learning needs of students

Last Modified on May 26, 2022