Boys Basketball:

    Varsity Coach Victoria Malone B11 VMalone@kyrene.org

    JV Coach Larnell Malone larnellmalone@yahoo.com

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    Girls Softball:

    Varsity Coach Steve Smith   pattillman40@yahoo.com

    JV Coach  Isai Martinez Navarro A1 IMartinezNavarro@kyrene.org

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    Girls Soccer:

     Coach Doreen Vasquez H2 dvasquez@kyrene.org 

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    Co-ed Cheer:

    Varsity Coach Andrea Fuentes D8 AFuentes@kyrene.org

    JV Coach Cheyna Taylor C8  CLTaylor@kyrene.org

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    Co-ed Wrestling: 

    Varsity Coach Dominique Salaam  Aspirehigherusa@yahoo.com

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    Winter Sports Registration Open: 10/7/22

    Winter Sports Tryouts: 11/07/22 (No tryouts on Wednesday). Co-ed Wrestling Registration closes 11/22/22.

    Winter Registration Closes: 11/03/22  Cut Sports (Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer, Girls Softball and Co-ed Cheer)  Non-Cut Sports (Co-ed Wrestling) 11/22/22


    TRYOUTS: Stay Tuned for Spring Sport Tryouts



    To register online CLICK HERE.  A completed online registration must be done for student participation.


    Game schedules click here


    Physical Form


    NOTE: Students who are enrolled with Kyrene Digital Academy, will be allowed to participate in our Kyrene Athletic Program.  K.D.A. students in grades 6-8 who live in Kyrene School District boundaries will be allowed to participate in the Kyrene Athletic Program at the school within the boundaries they reside. Kyrene Digital Academy students who live outside Kyrene boundaries will be able to participate at Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Please see the Kyrene Safe Strong Athletics page for overall safety measures and sport-specific guidance. We will continue to monitor our mitigation strategies and offer athletics programs in accordance with our Kyrene Safe Strong Athletics Plan. The safety of our student athletes, staff and community are our highest priority.  


    Sports offered:

    Kyrene offers both “cut” and “non-cut” sports for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Cut sports include: boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, Co-ed cheer, Girls softball, and boys baseball. The non-cut athletic opportunities include Co-ed cross country, Co-ed wrestling, and Co-ed track and field.

    The goals for every participant are:

    • Physical Skills necessary for the sport or activity
    • An awareness of progressive skill requirements needed to continue in the growth of a specific sport or activity
    • Respect for the efforts, abilities, and rights of others
    • The awareness of leadership responsibilities in school, community, and life contacts, as well as on the field
    • Active participation by all members of the team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Please review the KAP Middle School Athletic Participation Policies and Guidelines and the Kyrene Sportsmanship Agreement.

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