• Kyrene Safe, Kyrene Strong FAQs 


  • How is the community transmission level for school zip codes determined?

  • How is the daily active case count and weekly case rate calculated for each school?

  • Why does the dashboard not include a total case count for each school for the whole year?

Face coverings


  • What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?

  • When do staff and students need to quarantine and how will they know?

  • When do staff and students need to isolate and how will they know?

  • Why was my child not quarantined, if they were exposed?


  • Why can’t we have mask/no mask classrooms or schools?

  • Why are we not reducing class sizes to allow for distancing?

  • How does my student access learning when they are in quarantine?

  • Why can’t my student Zoom into the classroom when they are in quarantine?

  • Why are we not cohorting classes like last year?

  • What are the before and after school safety guidelines?

  • Will Flex be an option again?


  • Is the District considering Pooled COVID-19 testing? Why or why not?

  • Is the District currently offering any COVID-19 testing options for students, families and staff?


  • Why are other vaccines mandatory to attend school in AZ but not the COVID vaccine?

  • What happens when there is an outbreak at a school?

Last Modified on September 21, 2021