• First of all, thank you to all the boys who tried out and the effort they put in to try and make the team. Whether or not you made the team, never quit the sport if you have love for it. One set back does not mean you are not and will never be good enough to be great. Never forget that Michael Jordan did not make his High School Basketball team and went on to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. Use this as motivation to work harder and improve as a player and athlete. The team was selected based on a few metrics. It is an equal balance of skill, knowledge, effort, teamwork, athletic ability, and coachability. Through the tryouts the coaches took data in each of these categories to help determine the final 16 Varsity players. The final roster is shown below. If you are on it, congratulations and I will see you at practice on Thursday right after school. Please reach out with any questions or concerns via email. 



    Boys Varsity Soccer Roster