• Counseling Services

    The Kyrene School District school counselors design and deliver support that improves student outcomes. The American School Counseling Association National Model is used in the district to guide school counselors. The model is based on best practices in school counseling to deliver services that are based on data-informed decision making with results focused on improving student achievement, attendance, and behavior. School counselors deliver developmentally appropriate services directly to students and indirectly through consultation, referrals, and collaboration with school staff, parents, and community members.


    Counseling Services Mission

    The counseling department is committed to student success for all, by providing programs and services that enhance academic, social, and behavioral development.

  • Children in Classroom
  • Akimel A-al Middle School
  • Altadena Middle School
  • Aprende Middle School
  • Centennial Middle School
  • KASP @ Pueblo Middle School
  • Kyrene de la Brisas
  • Kyrene de la Colina
  • Kyrene de la Esperanza
  • Kyrene de la Estrella
  • Kyrene de la Mirada
  • Kyrene de la Sierra
  • Kyrene de las Lomas
  • Kyrene de las Manitas
  • Kyrene de los Cerritos
  • Kyrene de los Lagos
  • Kyrene de los Ninos
  • Kyrene del Cielo
  • Kyrene del Milenio
  • Kyrene del Norte
  • Kyrene Digital Academy
  • Kyrene Middle School
  • Kyrene Monte Vista
  • Kyrene Traditional Academy
  • Pueblo Middle School
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