Get involved! The Aprende PTSO is an amazing network of parents/guardians of Aprende students. Meet and work with some wonderful people, be in the know of school events and on the front line of planning and decisions that enhance Aprende, the teachers and the students!

    We are currently seeking candidates for PTSO Board positions for the 2021-2022 school year.

    The one year term begins July 1, 2021 and ends June 30, 2022.

    Interested candidates should talk with any PTSO Board Member or email president@aprendeptso.org by April 18th.


    On Monday, April 26th at 5:30pm we will hold an open meeting (virtually - link will be sent with RSVP). 
    Regardless of if you want to be a board member or not, you are invited to attend! All you need to do is RSVP here!


    Aprende PTSO –  Board Member Positions & Descriptions



    General Qualifications for Board Members:

    • Desire to serve the PTSO, the school, teachers, staff, and students
    • Work as part of a team to accomplish tasks, good listening skills, organization and follow through in support of our mission
    • The President and Treasurer must be able to pass a credit check in order to become a signer on the bank account.



    • Presides over all PTSO meetings, prepares the agendas, and coordinates the work of all PTSO board members in addition to monthly meetings with administration.  
    • Is a co-signer on the bank accounts.  
    • Maintains records of planning and execution of events, oversees work of all officers, performs all duties to maintain the active status of the PTSO as required.  
    • Coordinates any coffee chats or events with Principal as needed. 
    • Drafts annual budget in conjunction with Treasurer.  
    • Coordinates PTSO calendar with master Aprende calendar. 
    • Time:  2-3 hours/week, somewhat flexible, varies based upon event calendar.

    Vice President

    • Acts as an aide to the President and performs their duties if necessary.  
    • Also assists with most activities of the PTSO throughout the year as available and as needed.  
    • Often chairs committees or events and assists with ongoing needs of PTSO.  
    • Time:  3-5 hours per month.


    • This board member is responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings of the Board including General meetings.  
    • Secretary is also responsible for having copies of minutes, bylaws, and other pertinent documents available upon request and shall assist Treasurer in having corporate filings up to date.  
    • Time: 2-3 hours/ month, not including assistance with other events


    • This board member is responsible for all accurate accountings of all financial transactions for the board in conjunction with the President.  
    • The treasurer is responsible for all banking transactions – deposits, checks to vendors, reimbursements as authorized by board.  
    • Treasurer will also reconcile bank statements and provide monthly financial reports prior to each monthly board meeting.  
    • Also must file necessary tax paperwork related to 501(c)3 status.  
    • Assists president with annual budget preparation. Training will be provided.  
    • Time:  1-2 hours per week, most work can be done at home.

    Fundraising Coordinator

    • Coordinates fundraising events and plan for the PTSO throughout the year as directed by the board to meet the needs of the annual budget.  
    • This board member investigates possible opportunities and schedules restaurant nights, movie events, or any other fundraising event that the PTSO elects to do throughout the year.  
    • This person will be responsible for coordinating the calendar of events, for example, restaurant nights in conjunction with other school events to maximize participation.  
    • Time:  1-2 hours per week, most work can be done at home, flexible schedule

    Technology Coordinator

    • This board member is responsible for the maintenance of the Aprende PTSO website and facebook pages.  
    • This member will also be responsible for all the GoDaddy hosting and email maintenance as well as some work in Paypal to create buttons for apparel/event sales on website.  
    • Detailed instructions are available.  
    • Minimal coding or technical skills required.  
    • Most work done at home, flexible scheduling.  
    • Time: 1-2 hours / week


    Apparel Coordinator

    • This board member is responsible for the ordering, selling, and coordinating of spirit apparel inventory for the PTSO.  
    • Coordinates with apparel vendor for new designs as well as pickup of orders.  
    • Also works with Technology Coordinator for online sales.   
    • Some work can be done at home.  
    • Time: 3-5 hours per month, varies based upon events (for sale of apparel) and ordering needs.


    Athletics Coordinator

    • This board member is responsible for the coordination of athletic needs – apparel and snack shack – in conjunction with Athletic Director (Carl Nasuta).  
    • PTSO supplies minimal spirit apparel for each sports team, as possible.  
    • Coordinate online sales with Technology Coordinator 
    • For the past two years, PTSO has also supplied and staffed concessions for home athletic events.  Multiple clubs and teams volunteer to work the shack and earn a portion of the profits for their club or team.  
    • Must coordinate signups and maintenance of inventory as well as ensuring cash box delivered and picked up at each event.  T
    • ime:  3-5 hours per week during active athletic seasons, limited other times.


    Site Council Liaison

    • This board member serves as liaison to the Aprende Site Council to ensure that PTSO and Site Council efforts are not duplicative as well as to facilitate greater coordination of effort.  
    • Time: 3-4 hours per month


    At Large Member(s)

    • This position assists all board members as needed, including but not limited to chairing events, coordinating fundraising activities, and volunteering with sales, events, etc.  
    • Time: 3-4 hours per month, varies based on events


    Tentative Calendar of School-Wide Events 2021-2022

    July Back to School Luncheon for Staff 

    Curriculum Night (Information and Apparel Sales)


    August Meet & Greet Breakfasts

    Coffee Chat w/ Renee 


    September PTSO General Meeting

    Math Night 


    October Fall Teacher / Parent Conferences – Dinner for Staff


    December PTSO General Meeting

    Staff Holiday Party 

    5th grade orientation night


    February PTSO General Meeting

    Spring Teacher / Parent Conferences – Dinner for Staff


    March Science Night 


    April PTSO General Meeting - Elections


    May Teacher Appreciation Week

    8th Grade Promotion & Dance Activities


    TBD: Fundraising events, Coffee Chat schedule, other Board meetings

Last Modified on April 8, 2021