• Exceptional Student Services Parent Council (ESSPC)

    The Kyrene School District believes that one of the most important aspects of the special education process is the role played by parents. Parents are critical participants in the education and long term success of their child.

    The ESSPC was assembled to facilitate communication between Kyrene's parent community of students who receive special education services and Kyrene's ESS leadership and staff. 

    ESSPC goals:

    • Increase awareness among parents about their rights and the Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Enhance communication and collaboration between families, community partners, and the Kyrene schools/district 
    • Strengthen advocacy for special education needs in the community
    Meeting Information
  • 2021-22 Parent Representatives

    Priscilla Chand
    Jennifer Jarvis
    Nancy Kiernan Pereschuk
    Devesh Sinha
    Christopher Smith
    Elizabeth Steinbach
    Meagan Sullivan
    Lan Thomas
    DeLaura Thompson
    Paige Wells



Last Modified on February 8, 2022